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2020 Broker Benchmarking survey report e-book

2020 Broker Benchmarking Survey Report

The Modern Broker Series

NEW Series:
The Modern Broker

2020 HR Calendar

2020 HR Calendar

BerniePortal How To's and FAQs

BerniePortal Support: Common “How-To’s” & FAQs

The brokers guide to online benefits administration

The Broker’s Guide to Online Benefits Administration

Considering BerniePortal Golsan Scruggs Case Study

Considering BerniePortal? A Broker’s Perspective

Growing Your Agency with BerniePortal Case Study

Growing Your Agency With BerniePortal: A Broker’s Prespective

Renewal Timeline

Renewal Timeline

Build More Competitive Benefits

Build More Competitive Benefits with BerniePortal

Full-service implementation

Full-Service Implementation: The Partnership Approach

BerniePortal for HR

BerniePortal for HR

Benefits Administration Buyers' Workbook

Buying Benefits Administration Software: The Buyer’s Workbook

Building Out Account Management Careers

Building Out Account Managment Careers

Digital Age of Open Enrollment

The Digital Age of Open Enrollment

The small agencys guide to benefits administration

Small Agency’s Guide to Benefits Administration

10 Questions to Ask Your Benefits Broker

ALE Calculator

ALE Calculator

1095-C Cheat Sheet e-book

1095-C Cheat Sheet

Inbound Lead Nurturing Roadmap

Inbound Lead Nurturing Roadmap

How to help clients with tech support

How to Help Clients with Tech Support

Broker's Guide to Self-Insuring

Guide to Self-Insuring

Compliance Guide for 1095-Cs

Compliance Guide for 1095-Cs

Bought the wrong benefits administration platform

Bought the Wrong HR Platform?

Why P&C Agencies Should Adopt a Benefits Platform

Why P&C Agencies Should Adopt a Benefits Admin Platform