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What is BerniePortal’s Revenue Share Program?

The Revenue Share Program is designed to assist broker partners with the evolution of HR
and benefits—specifically, the pull we all feel from employers to combine HR technology with
personalized benefits expertise.

Highlights of the program include:

Revenue Share Percentage of 10%

This means that BerniePortal will take the total amount of revenue that your clients are generating from the features under this program, multiply by the revenue share percentage, and pay that percentage to you after we collect it from the employer.

Expanded, Specialized Support Provided by BerniePortal for Employers

When it comes to the feature upgrades, your clients will have direct access to the Employer Success Team. Feel free to stay in the loop with any correspondence and ask your clients to include you in any emails sent to the Employer Success Team.

Feature Upgrades Eligible for the Revenue Share Program:

BerniePortal offers several feature upgrades:

Applicant Tracking





1094 / 1095-C Mailing to Employees

1094 / 1095-C E-Filing and Mailing to Employees



Pricing for HR Upgrade Features

Employers using BerniePortal through a broker partner can add HR features on an a la carte basis. 



Feature Name Base Per Month* Per user per month (PUPM)
Applicant Tracking $15 $9
PTO $15 $2
Time $15 $2
Compliance $15 $2
Performance $15 $2


*Base fee cap at $40/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BerniePortal sharing revenue with its broker partners when so many other HR software companies do not?

To acknowledge the work our broker partners do in helping employers understand and take advantage of what is possible with BerniePortal. We aren’t sure how other HR software companies think about this. Many don’t have HR features that can be purchased by employers as upgrades, and so there is no revenue to share. Of those that do, it is possible they are thinking about sharing revenue with brokers one day, too. Building and maintaining the systems to remit revenue shares is expensive, and so that could be one reason others have not done it yet.

Can you tell me more about the employer support you offer?

We know additional revenue is not always worth it for our broker partners if it comes with a lot of new support costs. Our aim is for an employer that adds upgrade features to require less support from our broker partners than one that does not. There are two reasons we believe this will be the case. First, we have an Employer Success team at BerniePortal dedicated to helping employers be successful with the upgrade features. This team is separate from the team that helps our broker partners be successful with BerniePortal. Any employer client who needs help with an upgrade feature can reach out to the Employer Success team by emailing Second, our data shows us that employers who have upgrade features require less support overall – even of their Benefits feature. This is because employers who use BerniePortal more often get better at using it. For example: an employee who uses the BerniePortal Time feature to clock in and out every day isn’t going to say to you during an open enrollment meeting that they don’t remember their login.

If my client adopts Applicant Tracking with me, but then later changes brokers to another BerniePortal broker partner and keeps Applicant Tracking - will I continue getting the revenue share or will it work like most of the rest of the benefits industry and the revenue share will go to the new broker?

It will work like most of the industry and the revenue share will go to the new broker.

I notice in the Revenue Share agreement that BerniePortal could add new Upgrade Features in the future. Is that possible? Is there anything in the works?

Yes, we are always investing to improve BerniePortal. Recently we released improvements to the Applicant Tracking, PTO, Compliance and Performance features. We will announce the launch of another new feature in 2022 that we’re excited to share. We’ll continue to work hard to respond to client requests as the market continues to develop.

What is a good way for me and my team to learn more about these features so that I can talk about them more effectively with my clients?

BerniePortal broker partners can add the upgrade features to their own BerniePortal at no charge. We encourage you to do so and begin using them internally. BerniePortal has seventy employees and we use them all, which makes us a lot more efficient than if we were using spreadsheets to track applicants, hours, or PTO. We think you’ll find they can improve the “people operations” aspect of your agency, too! You can also find more details about each Upgrade Feature on the features page of the BerniePortal website.

How will I get paid?

You’ll be paid your revenue share via ACH within 60 days of BerniePortal collecting the revenue from the employer.

How much is the revenue share?

It is 10% of the revenue from Upgrade Features (Applicant Tracking, PTO, Time, Compliance, and Performance) and 15% of the revenue from 1095-Cs. It does not include other services BerniePortal provides related to COBRA, integrations, etc.

Can my revenue share be applied to the monthly payment I make to BerniePortal under my agreement?

No, not at this time. We will keep this in mind as something to offer in the future.

Can I waive my revenue share and pass a discount on to my employer client?

No. You can waive your revenue share, but the employer’s rate will not be discounted as a result of you doing so.

Is pricing for employers who had already purchased an Upgrade Feature in the past grandfathered in?


Will I be paid the revenue share on that grandfathered business?

You can be paid the revenue share on grandfathered business at the renewal of that business as long as it moves to being invoiced monthly via BernieBill and paying via ACH. (Versus paying annually upfront with credit card).

How often will we be billed?

All feature upgrades will be invoiced monthly via BernieBill – and we will only accept ACH for invoices.

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