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What is BerniePortal’s Revenue Share Program?

The Revenue Share Program is designed to assist broker partners with the evolution of HR
and benefits—specifically, the pull we all feel from employers to combine HR technology with
personalized benefits expertise.

Highlights of the program include:

Revenue Share Percentage of 10%

This means that BerniePortal will take the total amount of revenue that your clients are generating from the features and services under this program, multiply by the revenue share percentage, and pay that percentage to you after we collect it from the employer.

Expanded, Specialized Support Provided by BerniePortal for Employers

When it comes to the feature upgrades, your clients will have direct access to the Employer Success Team. Feel free to stay in the loop with any correspondence and ask your clients to include you in any emails sent to the Employer Success Team.

Feature Upgrades Eligible for the Revenue Share Program:

BerniePortal offers several feature upgrades:

Applicant Tracking






1094 / 1095-C Mailing to Employees

*15% revenue share

1094 / 1095-C E-Filing and Mailing to Employees

*15% revenue share



Pricing for HR Upgrade Features

Employers using BerniePortal through a broker partner can add HR features on an a la carte basis. 


Feature Name Base Per Month* Per User Per Month (PUPM)
Applicant Tracking $15 $9
PTO $15 $2
Time $15 $2
Compliance $15 $2
Performance $15 $2
Payroll $40 per EIN $6


*Base fee cap at $40/month excluding payroll’s base fee

Alpine Services

Starting in 2023, our sister company Alpine will also offer a 10% revenue share program to eligible broker partners – including on current business.


Pricing for Alpine Services


Service Monthly Base Fee Monthly Per Employee* Fee
Section 125 & Wrap Documents $29 $0
HSA $0 $3
HRA $0 $5
Dependent FSA $10 $4
Healthcare FSA $10 $4
Transit $10 $4
Parking $10 $4
COBRA $0 $1.25

*Single annual renewal fee of $159 at benefits renewal month regardless of how many services are utilized.

**Per employee refers to employees enrolled in a COBRA eligible plan for COBRA. For all other services it refers to enrolled employees.

Note: Bundled pricing is available for HRA, FSA, and Parking/Transit purchased together.

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