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Why BerniePortal

BerniePortal was born out of a brokerage, so we understand brokers’ unique challenges and pain points around benefits and HR administration. It's our mission to help you be a trusted full-service advisor to your clients, so we've built the most comprehensive, all-in-one HRIS in the market.

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The BerniePortal Difference

Our success is tied to your success!

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Full-service Approach

We are committed to a successful implementation of our software at your agency and for all of your clients.

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Dedicated Partnership

You'll have a dedicated success team member for real-time support, troubleshooting, marketing, and everything in between.

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Product Leadership

BerniePortal stands alone in offering you and your clients the ability to manage the full employee experience in one best-in-class platform.

“Many companies talk about ‘partnerships,’ but some seem to not deliver when it’s needed the most. BerniePortal has always delivered. Everyone at BerniePortal has always made us feel like we are the only client whenever we’ve had questions or needed help.”

Ralph Whitehurst Whitehurst Strategic Partners

Ready to Make the Switch?

How long is this switch really going to take me?

This depends on how many clients you have with the current vendor. At BerniePortal, we’ve seen situations where the agency has no clients on the current platform, and switching is an absolute breeze. The rule of thumb – the more clients you have online, the longer it can take to move them over. That said, click HERE for a general timeline of the full implementation process.

When is the best time to switch?

The best time to sign a contract with BerniePortal is outside of the 4th quarter (no surprise, right?). Add a few new clients to the system first and get comfortable with your new platform. Then, move the rest of your clients over to BerniePortal during open enrollment. This is the easiest time to make the switch for existing clients as employees need to make elections and update their information already.

Should I go ahead and cancel with my other vendor? Or start the transition to BerniePortal first?

If you tell your current vendor you’re leaving before officially making the switch, you risk seeing your service level significantly decrease, which could make transitioning more difficult. We recommend waiting to cancel until you and your groups are transitioned to BerniePortal.

Does BerniePortal help with the build-outs?

Yes! Not only do we help with your initial implementation, your dedicated Advisor Success team member will assist in every single employer build-out (both initially and at every renewal) that you need beyond the first client. And they do more than that! Our full-service approach also includes prospect and client demos, Q4 support, monthly 1:1 meetings and so much more!

Click HERE to learn more about what makes our Advisor Success team so special!

Do you offer in-person training?

Of course! At BerniePortal, we believe robust and interactive in-person training is essential to your success. We hold monthly training for new broker partners that provide an in-depth look into the system across general sessions, operations and sales-based breakouts, and invaluable networking opportunities. These two-day courses will teach you how to use, market and implement BerniePortal.

Grow Your Business with BerniePortal

See how BerniePortal's all-in-one HRIS can grow your agency and provide your clients with strategic benefits and HR support.

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